It's – Lineadarte Creative Workshop – news 09/12 – English version (translated with google)

It’s – Lineadarte Creative Workshop – news 09/12 – click here for the English version

Dear Artist, hoping to appease them, we send the information related to the next exciting initiative.

Exhibition of contemporary art – Naples, 6 to 20 October 2012

Man for centuries has accompanied on his way to an intriguing and fascinating dialogue between its vitality and presence – the essence of the divine. This exhibition aims as intense reflection, which ideally leads to ex voto, which genesis staff between man and divinity. The votive is usually a creative expression of devotion between the gods and the faithful, usually the “miracle” has the divine objects made of various materials, usually illuminated or stained on canvas or tin, the ex-votos generally there are two basic elements: an ‘illustration of the “disgrace” of prayer or fictional narrative, and the representation of the saint or deity who has fulfilled the needs of the faithful. Another interpretation could be creative for us to have received a “Grace” as a gift or talent, vox people would say so and we would like to think that this show was made by those who really feels in himself the sacred fire of the art … but this is obviously just a “prayer” –

For more information how to participate and registration form – go to the website

Deadline for membership is September 20, 2012

A brief note on the size of the works. Ideally we would like them to be respected the iconographic canons relating to the votive and remained formats relatively “small” way to impose limitations neither style nor creative.

Upcoming projects


expiration term of membership October 4, 2012 – how to participate


for more information – Regulation / application form

for membership term expires October 20, 2012

*  DO BOOK ARTIST Workshop full immersion 1 to 2 December 2012, as part of the Second Biennial Book artist Lineadarte Creative Workshop promotes and presents the workshop “Making Artist Books” Teacher: Valeria Bertesina, for the first time in Naples as a teacher. … read more

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